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Interactive Multi-Media Presentations – Innovative Learning Tools

WHY GO VIRTUAL: One of our participants said it best: “Being able to participate in any conference is great, being able to earn education credits on endless business flights is priceless”  -Prof. Darian Rusu, DDS., PhD

OUR PURPOSE: To make your meeting or event a MEMORABLE one! And we mean that literally. Have the presentation go out LIVE and create a hybrid event (face to face and virtual simultaneously) then archive it for future review for your attendents or make it available ON-DEMAND for those who could not attend. This is an amazing portal for your attendants, plus it offeres a potential for unlimited future revenue for your organization! Since we have the experience, we’ll work with your marketing department to provide true and trusted marketing strategies for your archived modules. ALL presentations are CUSTOMIZED with your company’s information and you also have the possibility of embedding presentations right into your website. Large annual conferences or small local training is treated with the same importance!


  • Training | Live and/or On-Demand, perfect for continuing education programs, sales, product or partner training, corporate briefings, guest speakers and training seminars.
  • Conferences | Multi-room, multi-day events live or On Demand perfect for conferences, tradeshow and vendor presentations, user group meetings, keynotes and poster sessions.
  • Large audience events | Live Webcast with hundreds to thousands of online viewers, perfect for all-hands meetings, product launches, press conferences, earnings calls, commencement, state of the state addresses, award ceremonies and other organizational briefings. Of course with options for archive.


  • You schedule the presentations, we take care of the rest! Trained technicians will work on-site with you. Our team can also work as project managers, joining forces with your production, AV or other service providers to ensure you have all the technical components in place for an outstanding online experience.
  • We record your speakers’ audio and video synchronized with their visual presentation and instantly stream the presentation over the internet and /or make available for on-demand viewing. People can then watch anytime, anywhere – from laptops to any mobile devices.
  • We can also build new presentations for your archived content.
  • Each presentation is customized with your branding and/or your sponsors’ branding (who said you have to pay this yourself?).
  • We offer short prior training for your speakers to ensure the most dynamic and perfect lectures
  • We’ll adapt our distribution methods to your organization’s particular needs. Choose from CD/DVD-ROMs, Flash Drives, Zipped folders or On-Demand viewing or a combination of them.  
  • We fly our trained professionals within US and all over the world to assure that no matter where your physical conference is next, your VIRTUAL presentation will always be perfect!

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