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Camp Cartwheel 2017 Photos


The most magic we experience in our work is always during Camp Cartwheel! We are honored that NCCF chose us to be a part of this for the 11th year in a row!

Below are links to photos from Camp Cartwheel 2017 taken by Sonia Miller at Sure Wave, as well as other volunteers for the duration of the 2 sessions. There are several categories to browse through – some photos may be duplicates, given the fact that there are so many of them. The thumbnails are large format so it should be easy to spot yourself or your child even though there are thousands of pictures. Also, some categories may contain additional photos of LV Metro & Fire Departments.

Once you click on a photo and enlarge it, you can Right-Click (CTRL-Click on Mac) and then click on “Save Image As” to save the photos of your child, campers or yourself, but please DO NOT share on social media if there are other campers in the photo (or blur/cover faces – you can use the “Insta Emoji app) – those are the rules we have to play by! ENJOY!

Camp Photo – Session 1

Camp Photo – Session 2

Camp Cartwheel Activities Photos – Session 1

Camp Cartwheel Activities photos – Session 2

Candid Photos – Session 1

Candid Photos – Session 2

Camp Opening Photos – Session 1

Camp Opening Photos –  Session 2

Las Vegas Metro & Various Fire Departments

Cabins Photos – Session 1 & 2

Camp Cartwheel Guests and Sponsors

Camp Committee, NCCF Staff, Torino Ranch, Brett & Ilse, Human Numbers, Utility Team, MedShed, Kitchen Staff, Catering, Maniac Award Winners & Lifeguards