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Wether you choose to simplify your life with our all inclusive production services (we guarantee you peace of mind and that we will sell you anything you don’t need) or just let us shoot and hand you the files at the end of the day, our years of exeperience guarantee a succesful outcome for your project.

  • Side by Side Video and PowerPoint Presentations – Excellent Choice for Seminars and Continuing Education

By far the best choice for any presentation that includes a PowerPoint, particularly for continuing education. There are two options – LIVE WEBINAR – which can be viewed not only be the people that made it to the conference, but by anyone around the world who wishes to get their CE credits, and/or an ARCHIVE available to refresh their memory once they get back home.  Your attendees can finally relax and not feel like they have to copy every single word and graph off the PPTs because the archives include the speaker and PowerPoint presentation in sync, exactly as they saw it live.

These presentations are completely customizable with your logo, web information, presentation title, speaker’s credits, etc. (see image below or sample). Transcripts are also available on demand.  They are easy to use and require only Adobe Flash Player and a little attention. Because each slide forms a chapter in the final product, navigation is a breeze and your students can view whatever they need on their own schedule.

For live events, we provide an “Event Manager” to ensure the process is virtually flawless – this is also the person managing the chats, polling, slides, etc. Our crew will interact and give full support to you and all the participants throughout the process. We are able to provide details attendee statistics, including length of participation, polls, etc.

If you want only an archive version of the event, we can give your IT department the files and you can host them on your servers or we can archive them for you and provide pay-per-view options, CE accreditation, reports, etc.

Seminar and conference video

  • Video Production

Aside from the convention, conferences and seminars which we shoot on daily basis, you name it, we’ve done it – I think shooting a Bon Jovi concert and two hip surgeries in the same week just about summs the wide spectrum of our video experience. Commercials, infomercials, green screen, testimonials, product demos, band demos, concerts, instructional videos – are all a big part of our production. Watch some of our samples or  see a list of past clients.

  • Post Production / Editing

Even if you already have your footage, we can still edit either just for Internet / DVD or Side by side with PPT if you can provide it. We make editing easy and affordable by completing your projects as quickly as possible.

  • DVD-ROM Programming ( helps you distribute one or all the seminars from your convention to the participants, or distribute the conference syllabus in digital format)
  • Graphic Design (any graphics you need for your video or web project are included)
  • Corporate / Convention Photography
  • Web Design and Programming
  • Portable Green Screen Shoots