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College Changes Everything

Today I have bad news and good news, so I’ll get the bad news out of the way first: statistically, fewer than 10% of foster youth who graduate high school go to college and out of those, less than 2% graduate. Yet, 70% of all state prison inmates were in foster care. There are many worthy causes out there, and I’ve always worked with kids and loved every minute of it. This cause and the way we respond to it, has very serious consequences for us as a society and for our economy. If we don’t help those kids get the love and care they need and a feeling that they belong, that this is their world too, we are heading for destruction from inside out. As business owners, none of us want to employ someone with a prison record, we don’t want the people that steal from us out on the streets, yet if we don’t take a stand to help foster children rise above the environment they come from, we’re allowing them to become the next inmates instead of model employees, the next juvenile delinquents instead of college graduates. Not only do they end in prisons, but they have children (most of them more than 1 or 2) and problem continues with the new generation all over again. And even if we don’t want to think about it, or we think it does not affect us directly, it DOES! It affects ALL of us as a society… just watch the news or talk to the neighbors that their house or business got broken into!

This is why Sure Wave is dedicated to breaking the cycle! With the help of the people that use our services, our plan is to help foster kids get placed into caring families with good values and above all, in homes where they can find the LOVE they so desperately need. We’re all the same, we are better people when we’re in a loving environment. As you probably know from our website, we donate 20% of our profits towards this cause. So thank you to all our clients, we will continue to updated our blogs and social media posts to always show what good we’re doing with your money. If you want to make any donations aside from your regular projects, please call Sonia @ 702.682.7825.

Here is the good news: IT’S WORKING! This past week we devoted over 10 hours and  funds from our last couple of projects to make sure one girl gets into the Santa Ana College. She wants to study Occupational Therapy and we were able to get her enrolled for the spring semester. Not only that, starting January 1st she has a second job and a new, better place to live! The best reward came when over lunch she said “I’m so happy! My life took such a turn for the better since I met you.” And we only met her less than 3 months ago. If this is the difference we can make in 3 months for a single girl, I can’t even imagine the change we can make together in the lives of those kids!