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Sure Wave is a Las Vegas video production company with a primary focus on conventions and conferences. We provide a variety of video services for continuing education, conference highlights, booth videos for social media marketing, client testimonials, etc. Our goal is to capture your content in the best way possible for your specific needs.

With live events you only have ONE CHANCE to get the footage. We are here to provide a crew that has extensive experience with live event video and audio production at competitive prices followed by premium customer service! Our team consists of multi-skilled professionals including video producers, photographers, editors, graphic designers, sound technicians and web programmers. We ensure that our clients are fully active partners in project planning, development and implementation.

WHAT SETS US APPART: We know you have a choice when it comes to video production, but completing your projects with us will keep rewarding your company for a long time after your project is finished! And we don’t just mean marketing and continuing education…this is your chance to spend your money where it will do the most good: 20% of all our profits are directly used to help foster children and to end child abuse. You can become a part of our extended family and keep track of it through our blogs and social media. Our transparency allows all our clients to see the difference they are making every day. You need a video anyway, why not do some good while we’re at it? Learn more…

OUR VIDEO SERVICES include production you can use before your convention – introduction videos, testimonials, promotional, messages from the CEO, etc., at the convention – event capture, seminars, continuing education classes with side by side video and PowerPoint for easy comprehension, and long after the convention – we can hand you all the content if this is your choice and you can distribute it however you choose, or we can duplicate it, manage it and store it for you. Learn more…

OUR OTHER SERVICES include photography, graphic design, web design and programming. Early on we discovered that media services in general are more connected than people think. Most conventions require video AND photography, so good photographers with web development skills have always been a part of our crew. Also, you can’t have a finished video without graphic design, as it will most likely require logos, lower thirds, transitions, advertising, still shots, PowerPoint slides and if you don’t “have an eye” for design, your video will suffer. Or you can have a good finished product – video, photos or graphics – but these days if you don’t have it on the Internet, you may as well not have it at all. And again, web design requires good graphics skills first! Oh, and let’s don’t forget the most important one…it doesn’t matter how good a videographer you are if you don’t know how to get good live sound. This is why our videographers and editors are all “hand picked” and come from a background that includes sound engineering, music, lighting, photography, graphic and web development, so no matter what your project calls for live or in post, you get the BEST RESULTS!